DIY Craft!

Over Easter weekend, I was able to relax a little from the stress of classes and take sometime to do something for me.  My cousin was making a card for a friend and I decided to look on some DIY sites and find something to make.  After accessing what I had to work with, which ended up being a LOT of paper products I found two things that I could mash together and make a project.

The first thing I found was a “Woven Junk Mail Valentine.” I really liked the idea of the woven design but I didn’t really want to make a card so I kept looking.

I then came across a design for “DIY Envelopes” with step-by-step instructions. I thought it was a great idea so I began making the stencil.

I decided to use the woven junk mail idea on the front of one of my envelopes. I looked for a bunch of green themed junk mail and made a woven pattern following the instructions. I then drew a tree on the front of a white envelope that I had cut out. I did not realize how cutting-intensive my design was until I began to cut it out. It took a while but I finally had my tree cut out. I followed the rest of the directions.

I also made 2 other envelopes (see pictures). I then signed up for each site and either commented on the post that I got my idea from and/or posted pictures of my envelopes. DIY is a completely relaxing thing that I found very rewarding. Now I just need to decide who I am going to send a letter to in my envelopes!


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