“…On behalf of the public good.”

As alternative or guerilla media continues to be explored and redefined I have come to the conclusion that everything we have studied is and can be interconnected. Alternative medias are not small, underground movements that act separately from other types of media (alternative or mainstream). They are not subgroups but one intertwined network which operates both above and below the surface. For example, in order for an internet hack to be the most effective it needs to reach a larger audience than those who were “blocked” from visiting the website of their choice. This is where citizen journalists might be able to step in. Citizen journalists can then report about the hacktivism and include more background information that an unavailable website would be able to provide. As people read and hear about these actions they can then use the information to create their own forms of alternative media that are related to the original disturbance in corporate capitalism. The order in which the acts happen is not important. What is important is that people take the step to get involved. Inspiration can happen anywhere. With the many forms of alternative medias available, any number of chain reactions could possibly occur which ultimately could lead to change.

The anonymous aspect that is found in many forms of guerilla media allows people to relate to the activism and not be afraid of immediate repercussions. This is possible in part because profit is not defining feature of guerilla media. Money is not the motivation. Alternative media is arguably done for the good of the society. It gives an alternative view of what is commonly accepted without questioning. For example, a culture jamming group known as the Guerilla Girls remain anonymous in order to represent all women by placing a guerilla heads over the pictures used on their billboards, posters, and in live demonstrations. The issues they take up raise questions about the lack of females in the art world and in Hollywood. With real facts to back up their accusations, people are able to really think about world implications of such actions. When money becomes the main focus, the alternative side of media is arguably lost. Alternative media does not follow one set of rules, but through its common goals, multiple types of alternative medias continue to grow due in part to inspiration from each other and continue the production of viable alternatives to mass produced media.


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