A Starting Point

Media in its original form was nothing like what we know today. Some forms of media have been seamlessly integrated into the language of our everyday life. Amazon is not a physical store where people pick their items off of shelves, it is online. However, there are similarities between the physical world and the online world. Amazon has shopping carts, checkouts, lists, and many other “things” that every store should have. Computers in general are also home to common physical worldly things. For example: a desktop, trash can, mouse, recycle bin, and storage. Without our knowledge of the world, the way new medias are presented to us would not make sense.

Not every aspect of media is that obvious. Big Media, as mentioned in many of our readings, is controlled by corporations. Money has become not only an incentive but a necessity. If it won’t make money it isn’t worth the time, according to Big Media. I feel that alternative or guerilla media came out of necessity. If Big Media never became what it is today there would be no need for alternative media because all media would still include what is now categorized as alternative.

The world is connected through many forms of media. Ideas like six degrees of separation, that anyone person on the Earth is only six people away from any other person on Earth, is almost impossible to wrap your head around today. It was definitely unimaginable a century ago. Organization of the people for the better good, as McChesney touched on, can lead to worldwide change. Alternative media is constantly changing and in the months or years to come I believe that becoming more aware of what is going on can make all the difference. That means digging deeper, looking behind barriers, and asking questions. As Dan Gillmor wrote, ”[N]ew forms of journalistic tools. . . are entirely transparent from the outset. More are coming. . . We can correct our mistakes. We can add new facts and context.” This gives us the chance to become part of the living and growing thing known as alternative media, if we so choose to do so.


One response to “A Starting Point

  1. It’s interesting what you say about Amazon.com, because they’re working as hard as they can to reverse the fact that they’re only virtual. The iPhone now has an application that allows you to take a picture of a physical item, and Amazon will figure out what it is and will search the best prices on the internet for that thing. Similarly, the HTC G1 has a feature that allows you to take a picture of an item’s bar-code, and it will look it up and stream the prices to you. It’s not perfect, but it’s one step closer to being able to enjoy the tactile feedback of physical shopping, and the convenience of low prices at the same time.

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